Caliper Studio’s Genetic Stair

The architects and metal sculpture designers are Caliper Studios have outdone themselves with their product, Genetic Stair.  The centerpiece in a duplex apartment on Manhattan, the Genetic Stair is an amazing fusion of engineering and sculpture; in particular an amazing feat considering the ridiculously complex and limiting building safety codes for construction in New York City.  Developed first as a multifarious 3D model, this clean and well-suited stairway design brings a heavy touch of modernity to a simple, elegant interior space.  It maybe hard to develop a sense of continuity with something so inventive in your living space, but as a useful sculptural piece it serves as an amazing achievement for Caliper Studios. – via

untitled 1 Caliper Studios Genetic Stair

untitled 2 Caliper Studios Genetic Stair

untitled 3 Caliper Studios Genetic Stair

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