Modern Architectural Masterpiece Inspired by a Historic Covered Bridge

Located in Kent, Connecticut, the Bridge House is a beautiful display of architectural craftsmanship developed by Joeb Moore + Partners Architects. With a large project area of 5,000 sqf, the construction is near the wonderful Kent Falls State Park, on a ridge parallel to the Housatonic River. A combination between the nearby cascading falls and historic covered bridge served as inspiration for the architects when putting together the conceptual design. The residence acts like a connection between the rough terrain and the river´s flow, becoming a bridge over the sloping area. The wood structure of the building rests on concrete structures that keep the dwelling straight and creates a suspended home over a beautiful landscape. The exterior wood motif can be seen in some of the rooms, just enough to create a surprising connection to the landscape and the facade. Natural light fills every room through large glazed windows on each side of the building.

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