Stylish Prefab Homes Units by Toyota

Toyota is a well known brand when we speak about cars, and is best known for its top-selling cars like the Prius and Corolla, but did you knew that Toyota also makes homes ? Until now I didn´t know that, and they´ve been in the business of making homes for over 20 years! Right now Toyota is looking to apply its eco friendly image and technical know-how to help boost sales of its small and little-known prefabricated-housing division. The Toyota Homes unit accounts for only 0.5% of the company´s $262 billion in annual sales, and Toyota would like to beef that up a little bit.

toyota house Stylish Prefab Homes Units by Toyota

Toyota´s aspirations as a home builder are also gaining new importance with the planned launch by 2010 of its plug-in vehicles, gas-electric hybrid cars with powerful lithium-ion batteries that drivers will need to recharge at home. The car maker is testing an electricity-monitoring system in its homes that would charge the vehicle during off-peak hours to keep utility bills low, while the car´s battery can serve as an electrical backup, powering the home during blackouts. According to the Wall Street Journal, Toyota Homes are built from six or more modules in under 45 days. They have a conservative home model called the Smart Stage that sells for $200k. It´s about a 1000 sf, two-story home. There´s also a more expensive, custom-built 2600 sf home that sells for around $800k. Toyota Homes are strong and guaranteed for about 60 years, which is twice the average lifespan of a home in Japan. Find more about Toyota homes on their website. – Via

toyota home prefab Stylish Prefab Homes Units by Toyota

toyota home Stylish Prefab Homes Units by Toyotatoyota house prefab Stylish Prefab Homes Units by Toyota

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