10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

Some trends come, some trends go, and others enjoy repeat performances. This year´s top trends include many classic motifs and patterns that have been around for a long time. They are reemerging with modernized color schemes and fresh materials, giving interior designers a range of classic yet modern elements to work with.  The biggest influence this year is definitely pattern with six making the top ten list.chevron trends 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love


Chevrons aren´t new to design, but they have come on strong this year.  The most sought after pattern is one with wider stripes and may even be multiple colors. The Chevron´s clean zigzag is bold and graphic.  Used as accents in a room it will add a great visual appeal to a space.  The one thing to be aware of is, as with any pattern, too much of it may make you dizzy.  Try pairing it with other patterns that share the same color scheme, and break them up with solid colors to keep it uniform.

tribal motif trends1 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

2. Tribal Patterns

Tribal patterns date back generations.  Talented craftsmen have passed down the skill and custom of producing these timeless patterns.  They can be found in the heart of Africa, or the Mountains of Peru.  These textiles truly bring a global and ethnic feel to an interior design.  Available in everything from kilim rugs to wood turned vases and bowls there are many options to use tribal patterns in a space.

botanical prints 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

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3. Botanicals Prints

Decorators often suggest bringing the outdoors in, but if you´re like me and have a black thumb living plants don´t stand a chance.  One low maintenance option is to hang botanical prints.  They come in a host of colors and styles.  You can have simple illustrations of herbs, or colorful drawings of ornate flowers, grouped together they can create a garden look on your walls.  There are vintage prints you can find at flea markets or antique shops or more modern prints available at your local art shop.  Nature is always a welcomed element in a home and nothing is more welcoming than a beautiful collection of botanical prints.

plaid decorating trend 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love


Have you ever walked into a men´s den or hunting lodge?  Plaids and tartans are the predominate theme creating a cozy and comfortable space. Today, plaids have gone main stream and can be found in bedrooms, living rooms and even as accents in the dining room.   The traditionally casual patterns will dress down any formal space with a bit of warmth and masculinity.  From the Celtic plaids to the plaids of the Scottish clans there is sure to be a plaid to fit your design style.

animal prints trend 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

5.Animal Prints

From leopard prints to zebra stripes animal prints never seem to go out of style, they are just more popular than ever today.   Often found as area rugs, the prints have transitioned to throw pillows, upholstery and even window treatments.  Mixed and matched too much and you may just feel like you walked into Elvis´ Jungle room, but used in small doses they can create a luxurious feel . Consider occasional chairs done in leopard, or ottoman‘s covered in a tiger stripe to add that small touch of this great trend.  Animal prints are turning away from their natural color schemes and being produced in pastels, neutrals and tone on tone fabrics to the give the look a more whimsical and unexpected feel.

quatrefoil trends 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

6. Quatrefoil

The ageless quatrefoil or clover pattern has roots dating back to the medieval times and has long been associated with Christianity.  Its rounded shape can be seen in the architecture of the day.   The Irish have often considered it a symbol of good luck. Well this lucky charm is very popular today.   It has sprouted up in many mediums, from fabric to tile and wood.   It can be seen in mirrors, furniture and ironwork.  Anyone who adds this trend to their space is sure to have a lucky and happy home.

greek key 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

7. Greek Key

The symmetry, order and proportion of the Greek key are all classic elements of design.  It is a favorite of interior designers as it works well with most other patterns, from paisley to plaid and even the quatrefoil.  Often considered a motif for traditional décor, it can be modernized by using bright bold colors like hot pink or royal blue. Most commonly used in textiles, the design element is showing up as accents on furniture, giving interior designers many options to incorporating this versatile graphic.

wallpaper trends 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

8. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the best example of what´s old is new again. Wallpaper can be found in historic homes and the newest industrial lofts.  It´s reemerged with bold graphics like the Chevron, the Quatrefoil and comes in animal prints and plaids. It is one trend that truly incorporates the other popular trends.  Wall paper can be used as an accent on a focal wall, or throughout a space. It can even be used in very small doses as artwork framed with molding.

lucite decorating trends 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

9. Lucite

Lucite is a designer´s best friend right now.  Visually it is weightless, almost invisible within a space.  While it is considered a modern element, it mixes really well with more ornate pieces as it simply vanishes. Used in a small cramped space and it will give the space the illusion of being larger than it is.  Lucite with its crisp clean lines and fresh feel make it a great material to work with.  It will modernize a traditional look and take a modern theme to the next level.

french renaissance trend 10 Daring Decorating Trends Interior Designers Love

10. French Renaissance

When I think of the French Renaissance, Louis the XIV and the courts of Versailles come to mind with the period´s use of opulent fabrics, and ornate furnishings.  Borrowed from the Italians but given a more refined look, the French Renaissance pieces focused more on beauty and a little less on function.  They opted to use walnut instead of the commonly used oak while adding hand carved legs for a more of an artistic appeal.  It is not a style for the budget conscious, but smaller influences can be added to a room to create a bit of the feel. Consider hanging reproductions of paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, or Rembrandt.  Incorporating rich velvet and floral fabrics will also lend to the renaissance feel.

So there you have it, the top ten list of  this year´s decorating trends.  It offers a lot of options to add some fun to your home and rejuvenate a decor that´s stuck in neutral.  If you can´t decide which trends are suited to you, fear not, most can be used together. Pair a Lucite table with animal print chairs or add botanical prints to room done in plaid.  Mix and match throw pillows with the Greek key,  and the quatrefoil patterns for some visual interest.  Which trends do you love?

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