Beam Bed – Sun-Rays-Like Light Effect

The Beam Mattress was designed by Ewan Robertson for Lagostudio. An unique system of boards types the bottom for the mattress, opening up in a sunburst association from a central fulcrum. The best way of supporting the mattress is subsequently progressive and unorthodox, however decidedly useful and sensible. Impressed by a determine of elementary simplicity and wonder, the solar, it generates sensible illuminating impact. The supply of sunshine on the base irradiates beams of sunshine like a sunburst via the solar-rays-like opening leading to a seductive mild-shadow. The ultimate impact seems to be good, and someway it makes me issues at an alien spacecraft …however at the very least the shortage of strange shadows would reassure you that there have been no monsters underneath the mattress! – Viabeam bed Beam Bed   Sun Rays Like Light Effect

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