Self Watering Plant Pot – Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot

The Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot is a nice looking self watering lightweight fiberglass plant pot. This is not the first self watering idea that we presented on this blog, you might remember the Roly-Poly Pot, the Tilting Vase That Tells You When it Needs Water and the, Sink that Feed the Plants. The Vitamin I.V Plant pot It´s available in classic white and limited edition black and included with the lightweight fiberglass plant pot is a height adjustable metal rod, a refillable I.V. bag and a flow regulator that allows you to set watering rates to suit your plant. These self watering plant pots are a brilliant idea, because more and more people are very busy during the day, and when they come home they just want to sleep, and in conclusion this plant pot can take care of your plant for some time. – Via – Notcot

vitamin living Self Watering Plant Pot   Vitamin I.V. Plant Pot

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