How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for your Home

Once you have chosen the couches and chairs for your living room, there is one piece of furniture that can pull the entire room together instantly, the coffee table. Coffee tables used to be a place to set your drink or to place a book, but in today´s interiors they are multifunctional, decorative, and often the focal point of your living room. From re-purposed barn doors, to sleek and modern, geometrical shapes, here are tips to choose the perfect coffee table for your table square e1306343512395 How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for your Home

  • Make your other furniture envious: When choosing a coffee table, take into consideration what pieces of furniture you want to take main stage, and which pieces will play a supporting role. Coffee tables that have intricate lines, eye-popping colors, or look more like art than a table are sure to grab everyone´s attention. State of the art coffee tables can have lights, remote control capabilities, and even double as an aquarium! You name it; your coffee table can be the head turner for your interior space.

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  • Natural materials can make for a beautiful table: Coffee tables can be versatile and can be made from virtually any material. Natural materials such as rock, wood, cork and other organic materials make perfect finishes for coffee tables. When choosing the right finish for your home, consider the wear and tear from your family and children. Hardwoods perform well with little maintenance, but softer wood coffee tables can show scratches and also indentations from pens and other hard objects. Keep this in mind before choosing a coffee table.

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  • Multifunctional tables are ideal in smaller homes: If saving space is a concern in your home, consider tables that serve more than one function. Many coffee tables have storage inside or underneath of them. Display area for collectibles and treasured books can be beautiful and functional. Ottoman coffee tables that can double as footstools, or nesting coffee tables that stack inside or below each other are ideal for entertaining large groups in a small area. If you´re trying to save money on furniture, consider using trunks, sturdy baskets, or venturing to a garage sale or thrift store to find creative coffee table alternatives to the pricey furniture stores.

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  • Your coffee table can be the source of your color: For many neutral color palette rooms, the coffee table is an ideal way to bring color and texture into your interiors. While your coffee table can be the accent of throw pillows, accent rugs, and furniture textiles, consider what other colors exist in your space. Take color cues from artwork, decorative sculptures, and wall color already in the space. When choosing a coffee table, these factors will help you decide how much color you want to introduce.

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Coffee tables can be the main attraction in your home, as well as the blending element that makes your interiors coordinate. Before rushing out to get your coffee table, measure your space, and how much room you need to maneuver between your existing furniture. Remember, your coffee table should compliment your space, not overbear it.  Once you decide on a coffee table, end tables are next!

Freshome readers, tell us what cool coffee tables you have in your living room.

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