Innovative Chair Recondition: Grandmother’s Chair

Grandmothers chair Innovative Chair Recondition: Grandmothers Chair

We came across this splendid combination of modern and classic chair design. Found on Yatzer, the Grandmother´s Chair was revamped using modern materials: This antique chair is from my grandmother´s store. Although it is an attractive chair with a beautiful silhouette, it is clearly getting old. One leg is broken and the backrest is so damaged that it looks sad. However, I still find the chair attractive. I tried to repair the chair to make it usable again. And the reparation gave it a new life and an awesome look. The designer, Satoshi Itasaka, redefined the old chair´s lines with the use of a transparent resin casts that mirror the old design. The backrest and damaged leg were repaired without losing the definition of the chair and the memories were kept intact by using modern technology. By rekindling this old chair´s flame, the designer avoided resetting the memories that accumulated within the object. Instead, the addition only accentuates the simple beauty of the old object, creating a new life for the damaged chair. The Grandmother´s Chair suggests that in an age marked by problems associated with excessive production and consumption, we could benefit from a rediscovery of our respect for things from the past. How do you feel about this idea?

Grandmothers chair 2 Innovative Chair Recondition: Grandmothers ChairGrandmothers chair 3 Innovative Chair Recondition: Grandmothers Chair

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