Interview: Adding Color to Ikea Furniture with Mykea

Mykea is a company which redesigns Ikea furniture by adding fun and vivid decals. We challenged the team to a short interview about their line of work and we were surprised to see how promptly they responded. Enjoy these fun Ikea furniture conversions as well as the answers from Mykea below:Mykea Expedit Lack AmphilierWeb Interview: Adding Color to Ikea Furniture with Mykea

  • Freshome: How did you come up with the idea for a company that customizes Ikea furniture?
  • Mykea: How we came up with the idea is probably how it usually goes, by experiencing something and not finding the answer (or in our case, the product). Most of the people we know have been to an Ikea store and have had the pleasure of assembling their furniture. So did we when we were furnishing our new office. After a long day of shopping and putting the furniture pieces together we looked around our new office and found out we only had two colours; white and black. Someone said, there is something missing. Its like we are in an Ikea store. Can we not get some cool graphics and apply them onto our interior and make it a bit more ‘us´. This is how our idea started. We got online to see if we could find a website for Ikea decals, we couldn´t find anything like it. We sat down to discussed if we should start a website ourselves to customize Ikea furniture with graphic decals. Looking at the online possibilities and supply of customized products we came across a lot of websites who work together with artist that create designs for Iphones, laptops or t-shirts. Designs made for well known and well sold products to let you, as a consumer, stand out from the crowd. We thought everybody knows Ikea, and a lot of people have Ikea furniture in their interior. But don´t we just love and hate Ikea at the same time. We like the well-designed and affordable aspect of Ikea but we don´t like the fact that we see the same interior everywhere around us. Maybe we can, with our designs and website, make people proud again about their Ikea furniture!

Mykea Expedit MachineWeb Interview: Adding Color to Ikea Furniture with Mykea

  • Freshome: When did you start your business and where do you see yourselves 5 years from now?
  • Mykea: Around 6 months ago we launched a test site to get a first reaction and impression on what visitors thought of our concept. The reactions came form all over the world and where very positive. 5 weeks ago we launched our new site. We´ve added more furniture pieces and everyday there are new designs coming in. We developed a new graphic vinyl, together with Avery Denison, witch is very easy to apply a can be removed without leaving marks. At the moment we´re having our first skype calls with a very cool US company to cooperate on design and to manufacture the Mykea products in the USA. So where we are within 5 years we don´t know yet! Who knows, we may work together with Ikea…
  • How would you characterize your work in thee words?
  • Mykea: No Naked Furniture!

Mykea Malm dresser LouLouTummieWeb Interview: Adding Color to Ikea Furniture with Mykea

  • Freshome: Please describe the process of converting an Ikea furniture piece from the moment you buy it (how do you choose what furniture to purchase?) until the moment you sell it forward.
  • Mykea: We have selected the most sold and well-known Ikea furniture pieces. Ikea self calls these pieces their most important furniture (source 2010). We measured these furniture pieces and created a special designers kit. Artist and designers can download the kit from our website to create designs that will fit Ikea furniture to the millimetre. On Mykea you can select the furniture piece you have at home or office and explore the designs created by our artist to redesign your Ikea interior.  Mykea designs are printed on demand and will be shipped to your home address in 5 till 7 working days.

little miss sunshine Interview: Adding Color to Ikea Furniture with Mykea

  • Freshome: How does your target respond to your designs?
  • Mykea: We´ve had great responses to our designs. We are constantly working on a good mix of easygoing and more high-end designs. We are getting questions from visitors who like our design but don´t have Ikea if we can make the design available as a wall graphic. So we will shortly add designs witch are also available as a wall decal.
  • Freshome: How many members does your team have? Please describe the work atmosphere at your office in a few words.
  • Mykea: The work we do at our office is great. All the wall are decorated with designs and if you enter the front door be aware not the trip over any Ikea furniture. Working together with a creative team of designers, web developers, project managers and of course our international artists is great. The best thing is that we work locally with our close team and very international with our developers and artist. This gives an extra global fibe to our office and work.

Mykea WallDesign SoThere Interview: Adding Color to Ikea Furniture with Mykea

  • Freshome: What is your favorite Ikea customized design so far?
  • Mykea: The amplifier design by LouLou & Tummie! Giving some retro DJ feel to your standard Expedit bookcase and turn it into a more of a design object. For us it´s about making fun and unique designs available for the crowd. We´ll have the Amplifier soon available as a unique Wall Designs as well.
  • Freshome: Anything else you would like the world to know about Mykea ?
  • Do tell us witch Ikea furniture you´d like to see customized! And if you´re interested in Mykea please send us an email at

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