Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair

The first place winner for the Volvo For Life Design Awards, designer Luis Luna´s C30 Volvo Chair is actually inspired by the back tail light on the Volvo C30…  in fact, from the side you can even see where the light would be in the circular ottoman!  Interesting and adaptable, the C30 Chair is built so that the ottoman and magazine rack disappear into the original chair design or can be easily pulled out to serve as complete lounge set.  An amazing idea for a deck chair (especially for those with spacious and organically-design patio areas), the cleanly-design C30 Chair is clearly ideal for those who love to kick back in style, and the images taken with the cosmopolitan are a clear signal.  Just don´t spill your drink, the C30 was designed sustainably from cardboard. – via

volvo4 Luna´s C30 Volvo Chair

volvo3 Luna´s C30 Volvo Chair

volvo2 Luna´s C30 Volvo Chair

volvo1 Luna´s C30 Volvo Chair

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