Mikhailov’s Edge Desk

Ontario, Canada-based designer Alexi Mikhailov developed the sleek and hyper-streamlined Edge Desk: a table design straight out of our ultramodern cyberprep fantasies.  Especially geometric with powerful, curvilinear angles as its foremost features, the Edge Desk is clearly intended to tug at the heartstrings of progressive contemporary designers among us.  The Edge Desk would be a fantastic, non-burdensome addition to a live/work space; especially, a wide, open loft area or a creative apartment office for your design and drafting efforts for example.  Just imagine how productive you´d become if you sat down at a table as streamlined as the Edge Desk!  Well, we can all dream at least. – visit the website

edge desk1 Mikhailov´s Edge Desk

edge desk2 Mikhailov´s Edge Desk

edge desk3 Mikhailov´s Edge Desk

edge desk4 Mikhailov´s Edge Desk

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