Stump Stools by Cumulus Project

After posting the Petit Beurre Coushion yesterday I´ve noticed that a lot of people who read Freshome love cute stuff for their homes, and here is one more cute stuff. Designed by Cumulus Project the Stump Stools are made from wood that was harvested from a fallen maple tree on the forest floor in Storm Bay, BC (Thanks Hen!). The upholstery is white leather and copper tacks over sustainably-harvested-latex foam. Small, nearly-invisible feet ‘levitate´ them ever so slightly off the floor. Best suited for indoors or a covered outdoor area. Approximate dimensions of each stool 20 x 11 inches. – Via – Notcot

stool 1 Stump Stools by Cumulus Project

stool 2 Stump Stools by Cumulus Project

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